Chief Warrant Officers 2 (CW2) are authorized to wear embroidered bullion rank insignia on mess and evening mess uniforms in lieu of nonsubdued metal insignia (Chapter 19, paragraph 2, DA 670-1). At The Salute Uniforms, we offer two types of bullion insignia, Sew-On and Clutch Back, for wear on the Blue and White mess jackets worn with those uniforms.

Our Sew-On insignia provides the most secure attachment for the insignia, but the intricacy of sewing involved means the application should be handled by a tailor or seamstress to achieve a clean, professional appearance. Clutch Back insignia are attached by pinning it through the sleeve and securing it with a clutch device like the ones used on lapel pins and other pin-on badges or jewelry.

Regardless of insignia type, it is positioned vertically and centered in the space formed by the two lower curves of the sleeve knot, or trefoil, and the sleeve braid, which features the wearer’s first-named branch color with gold borders.

The five Warrant Officer grades make up about 15 percent of the Army’s Officer s Corps, a percentage that could possibly grow as the need for highly specialized technicians expands as the Army continues to introduce highly sophisticated equipment and weaponry as necessary force multipliers for successful 21st century operations.

But most Warrant Officers are drawn from the enlisted ranks, where Soldiers who’ve proven to be committed achievers and leaders are likely ascending up the ranks of the NonCommissioned Officer Corps at a fairly satisfying pace. To provide an incentive for these high-performing Soldiers to step outside their comfort zone and take on the challenge of a career as part of the Army’s Warrant Officer Cohort, the Army offers attractive pay bumps that will make even the most contented Sergeant or Staff Sergeant think twice about staying the NCO course.

A sixteen-year veteran who has reached the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7), for example, would receive $4,266.60 in monthly basic pay in 2017. A similarly tenured Chief Warrant Officer 3, on the other hand, earns $5409 a month—27 percent more than the NCO counterpart. Of course, various factors can affect the final take-home pay for both Soldiers, but the additional remuneration for Warrant Officers goes a long way toward encouraging Soldiers who might otherwise decide to stick a less-strenuous career route.

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