United States Army officers wearing the Blue Mess or White Mess Dress uniforms display their rank insignia on the jacket sleeves, centered in the area that is formed by the lower two curves of the trefoil knot meeting the sleeve braid. Although pin-on metal rank insignia may be worn on these jackets, embroidered bullion versions are much more suitable because they blend in well with other embroidered sleeve ornamentation found on these jackets. (Note: the same type of embroidered insignia are employed on the shoulder straps of officers’ Army Service Uniforms.)

Use the drop-down selection boxes to the right to choose the insignia that meets your uniform needs. The “Fabric” selections are self-explanatory, while the “Sew-On” type of insignia is actually sewn directly onto the sleeve of the uniform; “Clutch Back” insignia are pinned onto the sleeve and held in place with a clutch backing commonly used in pins and other types of jewelry. Sewn-on insignia are obviously more secure, but for those not inclined to sewing it entails the added expense of a tailor or seamstress both when attaching the insignia and removing them in the case of a promotion.

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With the advancement from Captain to Major, Army officers move from the topmost rung of the Company-Grade officer category to the lowest level of Field-Grade officers. The situation is somewhat similar to officers arriving at their first commission as a Second Lieutenant, though by the time they have reached the Major pay grade of O-4 they are at least familiar with some of the unspoken rules that accompany every new promotion.

More Army Major Insignias Typically, Majors serve on the staff of Brigade and Task Force commands in the various staff sections such as Personnel (S1), Intelligence (S2), Operations (S3), Logistics (S4), etc. As a result, Majors today are typically not given command of combat units, and the rank is consequently viewed as either the last stop before leaving the service or the launchpad to the high levels of command authority associated with the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel.

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