Frequently referred to as “epaulets” or “epaulettes” because they are attached to the shoulders of uniform garments, Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3) shoulder marks are attached by sliding them over the shoulder loops of shirts and sweaters. CW3 shoulder marks feature three black bars embroidered on a silver background.

Per Army regulations, we offer CW3 shoulder marks in a Large (4.25 inches long) and a Small (3.25 inches) size in order to accommodate the variations in shoulder loop dimensions. Use these measurements to choose the shoulder mark size that will fit properly on your shirt or sweater; regulations define a proper fit as “when the hook-and-loop attachments or buttons are completely exposed.”

The type of job that a Chief Warrant Officer 3 performs in today’s Army depends almost entirely on the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to which they were assigned after enlisting (though many enlistees are assigned to the MOS they desired when singing up). Many enlisted specialties are referred to as a “Feeder MOS” because it “feeds” candidates into one or more Warrant Officer Military Occupational Specialties, or WOMOS. For example, a Soldier serving in the 11B Infantry MOS has the potential to qualify for a Warrant Officer appointment in one of two WOMOS: 131A Field Artillery Technician or 153A Rotary Wing Pilot.

Some MOS feed into a single WOMOS—the 92Y Unit Supply Specialist MOS serves as a feeder only for the WOMOS of 920A Property Accounting Technician. In other cases, a single WOMOS may draw from a host MOS; the 131A Field Artillery Technician WOMOS mentioned above draws on enlisted Soldiers from eight different specialties.

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