General Officers are permitted to wear embroidered insignia on the mess and evening mess uniforms, but where it is worn depends on whether or not they choose to wear branch insignia on these uniforms. If worn, branch insignia must be nonsubdued pin-on metal positioned one inch above the sleeve cuff, with the grade insignia placed one in each above it. Rank insignia is placed an inch above the sleeve cuff when no branch insignia is worn.

We offer Sew-On and Clutch Back versions of the four-star General rank insignia for wear on the sleeves or the Blue and White Mess jackets. The Clutch Back version is recommended for Generals who wish the flexibility of being able to decide on the wearing of branch insignia on a case-by-case because it is easily removed and reattached. Sew-On insignia offers the most secure attachment and is a good choice for Generals who either have no plans to ever wear branch insignia or who are able to dedicate one of their Blue or White Mess jackets to a permanent “no-branch” status while keeping another one available for use with the Clutch Back insignia.


Like the three-star Lieutenant General rank, the four-star rank of General is a temporary one associated with a particular position or command. By statute, the number of four-star Generals in the United States Army is capped at seven (although there are several factors that can result in more than this). Examples of four-star Army assignments include Chief and Vice Chief of Staff of the Army and major command positions such as Commander of U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) and U.S. Army Materiel Command.

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