Introduced as the metal equivalent of the Former Wartime Service (FWTS) insignia worn on the right sleeve of the old Class A Green Service Uniform, the Combat Service ID Badge (CSIB) is worn on the right side of the blue Army Service Uniform and the blue Mess/Evening Mess uniform. Complete guidance on the wear and positioning of the Combat Service ID Badge is fond in Chapter 22-17, sections c-e of the January 2021 edition of DA Pam 670-1.
Like Former Wartime Service Insignia, an organization’s CSIB is based entirely upon the design of it Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, or unit patch. The Corps Of Engineers patch was first approved for the Engineers Divisions and Districts on 31 October 1977 before being redesignated for the Corps of Engineers on 11 July 1979.
The imagery used on the insignia alludes to the Corps’ mission, with a gridlined globe denoting the ability of Engineer units to carry out their mission both at home as well as anywhere around the world. Encompassing the globe is a pair of dividers, a symbol of design and planning, with both the globe and dividers resting upon a turreted towers, an image used to convey the construction aspect of the Corps of Engineers mission.

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