The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Command Distinctive Unit Insignia—a device more commonly referred to as a DUI or a unit crest—was originally approved on 24 July 1980. It was subsequently amended on 29 August 1980 to add a reference to the symbolism.

Our national symbol, an eagle, is here rendered in gold—the color of excellence and high achievement—and looms over the other images incorporated in the insignia. Clutching a scroll inscribed with the Corps of Engineers’ historic motto “ESSAYONS,” French for “Let Us Try,” the Eagle looks down upon a homolographic projection of a blue, gridlined globe with a rising sun behind it and a scarlet and white (silver) castle above it.

The globe stands for the worldwide scope of the organization’s mission, while the castle is a commonly used image for Engineer units rendered in the branch colors of scarlet and white; the rising sun emphasizes the Corps’ past, present, and future service to the nation. Olive branches at the bottom right of the insignia connotes the non-belligerent nature of the unit’s mission, while the oak leaves on the left are symbols of strength and fortitude.

Established by the Continental Congress on 16 June 1775 when it authorized a “Chief Engineer of the Army,” the Corps of Engineer is one of the Army’s oldest branches is surpassed only by the Infantry in its longevity.

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