The number 58 of the 58th Infantry Brigade did not appear in the unit’s lineage until 1976. That history, however, dates back to 1917 when the Maryland National Guard formed two divisions from troops in Maryland and Virginia. One of those was the 29th Division which became famous for its exploits in World War I and World War II. The units that eventually made up the 58th were the 115th and 116th Regiments that fought under the 29th Division and 29th Infantry Division. 
The blue and gray colors in the Combat Service Identification Badge reflects that history, and the bayonet on the badge represents the numerous heroic charges made by the Maryland 400 during the Revolutionary War. This was the first time a bayonet was used by American Soldiers, and it was used against a superior numbered, experienced and equipped force. Though losing 60 percent of their forces, they gave George Washington Continental Army the chance to retreat and fight another day. These events are enshrined in the unit's motto: "Maryland 400". The red and white on the bottony cross comes from the shield of the coat of arms of Lord Baltimore as seen on the Maryland’s state seal and flag. 
In 2006, the 58th Infantry Brigade became the 58th Infantry Brigade Combat Team as part of the Army’s shift to a modular force. In 2007, the unit saw its first deployment as the 58th as they were not deployed in either Southeast Asia conflicts of the 1950s and 1960s. It arrived in Iraq in June 2007 and left for home in April of 2008 earning a Meritorious Service Commendation. The unit operated in the Victory Base Complex near the Baghdad International Airport grounds where it operated as garrison command for over 55,000 Coalition Forces.
The 58th IBCT was deactivated in 2009 after coming home from Iraq only to be redesignated the 58th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade in 2010. In a shift of duties, the unit became the 58th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade in August of 2015 with new mission parameters: “Exercise mission command over all assigned and attached elements to effectively conduct intelligence support to a combatant commander, deployed corps or combined joint task force.”

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