As of August of 2015, the 58th Infantry Brigade has been designated 58th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade. It can, however, trace it lineage back to 1917 as part of the Maryland National Guard’s 29th Infantry Division. The unit was one of two infantry brigades of the 29th. It was formed from members of the 115th Infantry Regiment and 116th Infantry Regiment and maintained part of the 29th Infantry Division as the 3rd Brigade until the 29th was deactivated in 1968. It then became part of the 28th Infantry Division until 1976 when it separated from the 28th and was designated the 58th Infantry Brigade. Once the 29th was reactivated, the unit became the 3rd Brigade again as part of the 29th. In 2006, as part of the Army’s shift to a modular force, the unit was designated the 58th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, and in 2010, the unit was redesignated the 58th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade only to be redisginated again in August of 2015 as the 58th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade.
The quartered bottony cross on the unit’s patch is taken straight from the shield of the coat or arms of Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore for whom Baltimore, Maryland is named. The shield appears on the state flag and seal. The bayonet represents the exploits of the Maryland Line or Maryland 400 during the Revolutionary War. It was there that General Washington’s defeated troops were retreating after heavy losses fighting the Battle of Brooklyn, also known as the Battle of Long Island. Washington’s Continental Army tried to retreat but soon became surrounded, and utter defeat and capture seemed imminent. The Maryland 400 stood their ground at Gowanus Creek and made several valiant bayonet charges against overwhelming odds. This allowed the General's men to escape to the American fortified line. The Maryland 400 lost 256 men but possibly saved the America Revolution earning the unit its motto:"Maryland 400".

We do also carry the Combat Service Identification Badge and the Unit Crest for the 58th.

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