At The Salute Uniforms, we offer two styles of embroidered bullion Colonel rank insignia for the Blue Mess and White Mess jackets. Our Sew-On insignia features the distinctive silver eagle insignia that’s represented Colonels for more than 180 years embroidered in crisp, clean metallic bullion on a Blue or White fabric background which is sewn directly onto the sleeves of your Mess jacket. Clutch back insignia, on the other hand, are similarly constructed with the appropriately colored fabric backing, but rather than being sewn on they are secured with a pin and clutch mechanism that allows for fast and simple attachment and detachment.

Sew-On insignia deliver the most professional appearance possible provided they are attached by a professional (or someone with a substantial amount of sewing experience). And one of the issues associated with Sew-On insignia—removing and replacing them when a promotion happily comes your way—is not one that really concerns Colonels. The reason? Because if a Colonel is promoted, he or she will be facing a lot more sartorial changes than simply replacing rank insignia. The sleeves of the Blue Mess and White Mess jackets worn by Generals feature an entirely different ornamentation scheme—so much so that it’s well worth considering starting over with brand-new Mess Dress uniforms.

On the other hand, our Clutch Back insignia do save you time and money without sacrificing anything in the visual department, and they might well be the best choice for officers who’ve decided to end their service at the rank of Colonel.

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