Pin-on metal Air Force rank insignia comes in Full and Miniature sizes. Full-size insignia is worn by all Officers on the Flight Cap, while Miniature versions are worn on some of the Berets authorized for designated Airmen and Officers.

A Full-size version of the golden leaf that serves as insignia of rank for Majors in the United States Air Force is worn on the Flight Cap, which is authorized for wear only with the Service Dress / Service uniforms, Flight Duty uniform, and Air Force Food Services uniform. Placed on the wearers left side with the stem of the oak leaf pointing downward, the insignia is centered between the top and bottom edges of the Flight Cap and positioned so that its closest edge is 1-1/2 inches from the Cap’s front crease.

Majors serving as Pararescue Personnel and Combat Rescue Officers (CRO), Air Liaison and Tactical Control Party Officers, Special Tactics Officers (STO), and Weather Parachutists wear the Miniature oak leaf below the flash device on their Berets. Guidance in placement of miniature Officer rank insignia on berets is found in A7.7. Miscellaneous Uniforms, Attachment 7 of  the Air Force Guidance Memorandum to AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel (June 2021).

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