Leading up to its D-Day landing at Normandy, the 35th Coast Artillery Brigade had proved itself with a beach landing at Salerno and accuracy through North Africa.

When disbanded after World War I, the unit was reconstituted during November 1942 at Camp Steward (Georgia) as the 35th Coast Artillery Brigade. It commenced training for an eventual deployment to North Africa during April 1942.

One of its initial responsibilities was to organize an anti-aircraft defense for the U.S. Fifth Army. In September, 1943, during the invasion of Italy called Operation Avalanche, it became the first anti-aircraft unit to execute a beach landing and the first Allied AA unit to set foot on the mainland of Europe during World War II. Redesignated as the 35th Anti-Aircraft Brigade, the unit also participated in the invasion of southern France during June 1944. It was credited with 406 confirmed and 286 probable kills.

Post-war, the unit was inactivated at Camp Kilmer (New Jersey) during 1945. Three years later, the unit was reactivated and stationed at Fort Bliss (Texas).

Now known as the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (ADAB), the unit is stationed in South Korea and also specializes in evacuation operations.

The 35th ADAB was initially sent to South Korea during 2004 to aid in Operations Plan 5027 (OPLAN 5027). OPLAN 5027 was a set of strategies designed to defend South Korea from a potential invasion by North Korea.

The Unit Crest features three gold stars intermingled with three clouds, connected by an arrow shaft. “READY IN DEFENSE” is the unit’s motto. The scarlet and gold colors are associated with Air Defense Artillery and the arrow signifies the artillery and the stars represent the unit’s WW II campaigns.

For additional information on 35th ADAB's CSIB and Unit Patch, please see the unit's other links.


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