The unit crest of the 143rd Sustainment Command is a symbol of the unit’s duties and heritage. It was originally created in 1969, for the 143rd Transportation Brigade. When the unit went from being a Brigade to the 143rd Transportation Command in 1985, the crest was redesignated with the description amended. In 2007 the unit took on its current designation of the 143rd Sustainment Command the crest was redesignated a final time, this time with both the description and symbolism updated.
                The colors of gold and red that are present are indicative of a unit with the Transportation designation, which the 143rd was until recently in 2007. The green in the center of the crest actually alludes to a green streetlight, meaning “all traffic forwards”, another reference to the previous designation of the unit. The shape of the crest, that of an annulet, simulates a wheel, which is indicative of motor transportation, and an enclosure, which symbolizes a terminal. Both of these refer to the mission of the 143rd, to redeploy allied forces, manage theatre distribution, and planning, coordinating, and leading operation sustainment. The wings on both sides of the crest are a reference to the 143rd’s air transport abilities, and the speed that the 143rd conducts its operations. The arrow that vertically bisects the crest symbolizes the controlled direction of the 143rd. It is also a symbol of the 143rd’s readiness when it comes to battle.
                The motto of the 143rd can also be seen on the crest, “Movement Brings Victory”, another reference to its mission. The unit’s CSIB (Combat Service Identification Badge) can be found here, while its unit patch, identical to the CSIB, can be found here.

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