Shoulder Sleeve Insignia, commonly referred to as unit patches, are available as full-color patches or in subdued camouflage patterns designed for wear on the Army Combat Uniform, or ACU, and similar utility uniforms. Please note we offer two types of ACU patches: one for ACUs made with the now-discontinued Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) introduced with the ACU was first issued, and another for ACUs issued after July 2015 with the new Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP). Full-color patches were worn on the Army Class “A” Green uniform, which was replaced in 2015 by the Army Service Uniform. We continue to sell the full-color patches due to high demand from veterans, collectors, and other organizations; we also continue to manufacture and sell the Class “A” Green Service uniform.

Customers purchasing this item may wish to add the 525th’s Combat Service ID Badge (CSIB) to their shopping cart, as well as the Brigade’s unit crest featuring the motto “Fast Factual Faithful.”

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On 28 October 2014, the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade was reflagged as an Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade, the first such unit in the United States Army. The change was prompted in part to adapt to the lost of units due to inactivations, including the Brigade’s Special Troops Battalion and the 1st Squadron of the 38th Cavalry Regiment. As an Expeditionary unit, the Brigade is able to deploy as a member of the Global Response Force, providing intelligence to commanders at the corps level or lower.

The transformation process continued the next year when the Brigade’s two Military Intelligence Battalions, the 519th and 319th, were officially designated Expeditionary Military Intelligence Battalions. Just as with the Brigade, the move resulted in a smaller and leaner unit: both Battalions saw their C Company deactivated. As a result of all these changes, the Brigade was reduced in size from about 1,500 to less 1,000.

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