Today’s 525th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade is the result of the June 1979 consolidation of the 218th Military Intelligence Detachment (originally formed as the 218th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment in 1944) and the 525th Military Intelligence Group (constituted in 1946 as the 525th Interrogation Team) to form Headquarters and Operations Company, 525th Military Intelligence Group. According to the lineage shown on the U.S. Army's Center of Military History Web site, it was not designated as a Brigade until 1985, while an archived 2003 version of the unit's history states it was designated as an Airborne Brigade in 1978.

While the two founding units of the Brigade underwent several redesignations and activations/inactivations up until their consolidation, arguably the biggest transformation came in October 2014 when the Brigade was reflagged from 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade—a designation it had held for less than ten years—to its current designation, becoming the Army’s first-ever Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade.

The 525th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade Distinctive Unit Insignia, or unit crest, was approved on 28 May 1969. A lion on a black triangle is taken from the coat of arms of Heidelberg, the Germany city where the 525th Military Intelligence Group was organized; the triangle shape represents Vietnamese deltas and the 525th’s service in Vietnam (it earned credit for participation in all but one of the 17 Vietnam campaigns). The checkered pattern above the unit motto “Fast Factual Faithful” represents flexibility and secrecy (checkerboard patterns have long been associated with secretive organizations).

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