Use the selection boxes to the right to configure a white cloth/web belt to match the requirements of your branch of service as well your gender and physical dimensions. Also be sure that the Fabric selection matches the uniform with which this belt will be worn.

Our white cloth or web belt is authorized for wear by personnel in the Navy, Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Merchant Marine, Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS), and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The USPHS and NOAA uniform regulations regarding white cloth/web belts are taken directly from the Navy uniform manual, while the Coast Guard manual simply states that the belt is 1.25” wide; is made of white webbing; has a brass-colored clip end; and is worn with a brass belt buckle, white dress trousers, and the white dress shirt. Auxiliary regulations on the white cloth/Web belt are even more sparse: “A white web belt with a silver buckle and tip is worn.  The buckle may be plain or display the Auxiliary emblem.”

The United States Navy authorizes the wear of a white cloth or webbed belt by both male and female Officers and Enlisted personnel, with the two overarching rules being (1) white belts are worn only with white uniforms, and (2) Officers and CPOs wear belts with gold tips and buckles, while Enlisted Sailors (E-6 and below) have silver equivalents. Male belts are 1.25” wide, while female belts are one inch wide. Regulations call for men to wear the belt with the clip to the left of the buckle and for women to wear it with the clip to the right of the buckle (except with the Navy Working Uniform and Coveralls). For its newest unisex uniforms, the Navy requires all Sailors to wear the belt clip to the left of the buckle.

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