Unlike many of the decorations awarded to American Servicemembers who served in the Republic of Vietnam, the Training Service Medal was established long after the country was transformed in 1955 from the State of Vietnam to the Republic of Vietnam.

Created by decree in May, 1964, the Training Service Medal was awarded to instructors at the country’s Military Schools and Training Centers who, through exceptional professional ability and a clear devotion to duty, contributed significantly in the training of members of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (RVNAF). These instructors did not have to be organic to the institutions where they taught; in cases where they were attached temporarily or served on an ad hoc basis, they were eligible for the medal if they completed the requisite number of trainings hours specified by the school or center where they taught.

The Training Service Medal could be awarded to organizations and individuals, including government officials, civilians, and foreigners who contributed, either directly or indirectly, to the training of members of the RVNAF. Eligibility was not dependent on serving within the Republic of Vietnam, as a story in the April 19, 1971 edition of the attests. In it, CPO Robert Dunn is mentioned as having been awarded the “Vietnamese Training Service Honor Medal” for training Vietnamese sailors at Pearl Harbor.

While the medal was issued in two classes, the only difference between the first- and second-class medals is the suspension ribbon; the first-class ribbon features two thin, red stripes centered in the middle white stripe. The first-class medal was awarded to officers, and the second-class medal was given to non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. The awarding authority was the Chief of Joint General Staff of the RVNAF.

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