The Blue Dress Trousers worn by Male USMC Generals differ in two significant ways from the Trousers worn by lower-ranked Officers, Noncommissioned / Staff Noncommissioned Officers, and Junior Enlisted Marine Corps personnel. Most immediately noticeable of the two is the color: dark blue is reserved only for Generals, while all other personnel wear sky-blue Trousers. The other distinguishing design element is the 2-inch wide scarlet stripe on the outside seam of each Trouser leg, a full third wider than the stripe found on other Officers’ Trousers and nearly double the width of the Trouser stripe that identifies Noncommissioned and Staff Noncommissioned Officers (NCO and SNCO).

Crafted from a premium-quality 55/45 polywool blend, our Blue Dress Trousers for USMC Generals are made with 100-percent Made in USA components and materials and are Berry Amendment-compliant, meeting or exceeding all USMC uniform specifications or requirements. They also feature our exclusive rubberized waistband, designed to provide a snug fit for the Trousers while helping ensure your shirt stays tucked in at all times.

We ship all our Trousers with the legs unhemmed so that you can have the length adjusted to provide a perfect fit. A Trouser hemming service is available for those who wish to have their Trousers arrive ready to wear; it will be offered when you add the Trousers to your shopping cart.
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