Our dress cap, or cover, for enlisted Marines is Berry Amendment-compliant and is manufactured to meet or surpass all Mil-Spec standards and requirements, from its high-gloss chinstrap and visor to its pair of 27-ligne gold uniform screw post buttons. The dress cap ships mounted with the enlisted branch of service insignia—the Marine Corps’ famed Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, but featuring a rope that is continuously connected to the anchor—stamped in golden metal and mounted to the eyelet in the front of the cap.
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Even those only a bit familiar with the Marine Corps have a pretty good idea of how much importance the service places on tradition. So it’s easy to appreciate the dilemma the service was facing in 2013 when the company that manufactured the female version of the dress cap went out of business—and no company could be found willing to resume production. When the Corps opted to resolve the issue by issuing a universal cap, it decided to get feedback from Marines on whether the new, “unisex” cap should use the current male dress / service cap frame, or if a “throwback” cap known as the “Dan Daly Cap” should be introduced as the single style cap to be worn by male and female marines.

The problem, however, was two-fold. First, the dress cap worn by male Marines had been part of the dress uniform since 1922; envisioning a uniform with a different dress cover bordered on hersey. Second, the so-called “Daly Cap” had previously been announced as the replacement for the female “bucket” cover, and some critics contended it was an affront to Marine manliness for male Marines to wear a cover designed specifically for females.

But the issue was pretty much silenced when the Marines’ own votes were counted: over 90 percent agreed that the male version of the dress cap was suitable for both females and males, and the controversy died down almost immediately after the Corps announced the traditional male cap would be worn by both men and women with their respective dress uniforms.

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