First established in the United States Navy in 1916, the Storekeeper (SK) rating was created in the Coast Guard in 1920. Although Navy disestablished the SK rating in 2009 by merging it with Postal Clerk (PC) to create the Logistics Specialist (LS) rating, the Coast Guard has maintained it, making it one of the longest-lived ratings since the service was given its modern form in 1915.

But semantics aside, logistics is the undeniable domain of Coast Guard Storekeepers. They’re responsible for the requisition and procurement of all necessary types of supplies, from equipment and provisions to spare parts and materials. Once these items are inventory, Storekeepers are tasked with their packaging, preservation, and storage, making them readily accessible to Coast Guard personnel who require them. They also monitor and maintain the financial records generated throughout the process, preparing reports used for budget forecasting and funding requests.

The Class “A” School for Storekeepers is held at Training Center Petaluma in California. The eight-week course comprises seven units, with six of them devoted to broad subject areas such as Inventory, Accounting, Shipping and Receiving, Procurements, and Storekeeper Basics. The American Council on Education suggests that those considering a career as a Coast Guard Storekeeper would benefit greatly from undergraduate courses (associate-degree level) in inventory control, supply management, and procurement.

The need for supplies is, of course, ubiquitous throughout the Coast Guard, and SKs are billeted at all types of Coast Units, from HQ and District officers to sectors, bases, and air stations. Most of the service’s large cutters have Storekeepers, as do security cutters and ice-breakers.

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