The United States Coast Guard requires Guardsmen to wear nametags on five uniforms: the two Service Dress Blues, the Service Dress White, the Tropical Blue, and the Winter Dress Blue. Per the specifications found in the Coast Guard Uniform Regulations (COMDTINST M1020.6J) our Coast Guard nameplates measure .625” inch high and 3.1875” wide (5/8 of an inch and 3 and 3/16 of an inch) and are manufactured in plastic material colored Air Force blue.

Regulations require the last name only, but do not prohibit nametags with first names or attached unofficial Coast Guard insignia (SAR and NATON school pins, for example) as optional uniform items; in these cases insignia are placed to the left of the name. Please note, however, that commands have the authority to mandate the standard nametag format (last name and the legend “U.S. Coast Guard” directly below it) if necessary for an appropriate level of uniformity.

A special exemption is made for those Coast Guard personnel serving as crewmembers on the oldest cutter in the fleet, colloquially known as the "Queen of the Fleet:" they are authorized to attach the cutter’s hull numbers in gold, block-style numerals to the nametag using permanent adhesive. Several rules must be followed, however: the numbers must fit within a half-inch square area, must be attached to the far right (wearer’s right) of the nametag, and they cannot obscure the name. Authorization to modify nametags with these numbers is effective only during the duration of the assignment to the fleet’s oldest cutter.
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