Established in 2003 with the merging of Coast Guard personnel from the Quartermaster, Radarman, and Telecommunications Specialist ratings, Operations Specialists (OS) use the technology and equipment from these ratings to carry out critical command, control, and communication tasks at the tactical level. They participate at all stages and in all areas of operational planning and execution, using GPS data to produce navigational charts that are input into shipboard navigation systems.

During missions, they maintain situational awareness through sensor systems that provide target acquisition and real-time tracking capabilities that are invaluable whether performing drug interdiction operations or rendering assistance to vessels in need. They also interface with Intelligence Specialists by perform intelligence gathering as part of their communications duties, just one of the reasons why those seeking a career in this rating must pass a security clearance.

Their journey to becoming an Operations Specialists begins at Training Camp Petaluma with a 13-week course that acquaints them with the equipment used in their rating’s fundamental task areas—communications, navigation, and tactical operations. Following an Indoctrination course on management and leadership, OS trainees will learn the fundamental principles of classified information, from recognizing everything that falls into that category to how to shield it from prying eyes and ears. Other course components include Charts and Plots, Basic Communications, Incident Communications, and Sector Watchstanding, a hands-on test of how well the students are able to employ a variety of the skills they’ve been taught.

Initial deployment for many of graduates of the Operations Specialist School is aboard the service’s large cutters; these include the 378-foot Hamilton-class High Endurance Cutters, the 270-foot Famous-class and 210-foot Reliance-class Medium Endurance Cutters, and the recently introduced Legend-class National Security Cutters. Other frequent assignments are to communications station and sector command center billets.

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