The design of the insignia on the gold Coast Guard button—a perpendicular fouled anchor with its crown and flukes between a wreath of oak and a wreath of laurel, each with 13 leaves, and at the top of the anchor stock an eagle rising—has been unchanged since it was officially introduced in the 1916 uniform regulations. Today, the button is issued in three sizes: 23-, 28- and 35-ligne.

It’s worth keeping several extra buttons stowed away at all times; like many essentials, their true value is fully grasped when they are needed but not on hand. Customers who are purchasing a set of buttons for a specific uniform can use the chart below.

UniformButton Number and Size(s)
Service Dress Blue (SDB) Coat MenFour 35-ligne, Four 23-ligne
SDB Coat WomenThree 28-ligne, Four 23-ligne
Service Dress White (SDW) Coat MenThree 35-ligne, Two 23-ligne
SDW Coat WomenFour 35-ligne
SDW Women (choker)Six 35-ligne
Dinner Dress Blue (DDB) Jacket MenSix 35-ligne, Two 28-ligne (chained)
DDB Jacket WomenSix 23-ligne, Two 28-ligne (optional)
Dinner Dress White (DDW) Jacket MenFour 35-ligne, Two 28-ligne (chained)
DDW Jacket WomenSix 23-ligne, two 28-ligne (optional)
Button Size

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