The Women’s Mess Dress Coat is worn with the Mess Dress Uniform (mandatory for Officers, optional for Enlisted Airmen) and Formal Dress Uniform (worn only by Officers—Enlisted personnel may wear the Semi-Formal Uniform in its place). Both uniforms are worn at social functions of a formal or official nature for which the civilian clothing requirement would be black- or white-tie and women would wear an evening gown.

Our Air Force Women’s Mess Dress Coat is manufactured to meet or exceed all regulations. Features include:

♦ Air Force shade 1583
♦ Mil-Spec certified 55/45 polywool blend
♦ Single-breasted design
♦ Satin shawl collar and lapels
♦ Six “wing and star” buttons

Officers wear hard shoulder boards secured with shoulder loops that ship unattached with the coat, while Enlisted personnel wear chevrons to display their rank. Also, all Officers wear a silver sleeve braid 2.5 inches from the end of the sleeve; the width of the braid is 3/4-inch for Generals (O7 and higher) and a 1/2-inch for all other Officers (O1 to O6). The coat ships ships with unfinished sleeves to accommodate variations in our customers’ arm lengths and reduce total alteration costs since placement of sleeve braid is predicated on the distance from the sleeve end. If you wish to have the coat arrive ready to wear, we offer a variety of sleeve alteration services, including sleeve hemming and sewing on of chevrons (Enlisted) and sleeve braid and shoulder loops (Officers), that will be suggested when add the coat to your shopping cart.

Note: The purchase price displayed to the right is for the coat only. Any images of the coat with ribbons, nametags, badges, collar devices, rank insignia, sleeve braids, shirt, trousers, or tie are for illustrative purposes only. You can purchase these items by using the Air Force sub-menus to navigate to the category page for each product or by visiting the USAF Women’s Officer Mess Dress Uniform Builder or USAF Women’s Enlisted Mess Dress Uniform Builder.

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