Staff Sergeant chevrons are unique among those of the ten insignia designs used for Air Force Noncommissioned Officer pay grades and special positions: They are the only ones with a single curved stripe, or “rocker,” at the bottom of the insignia. What makes it even more anomalous is that the E-5 Staff Sergeant rank is included with the E-6 Technical Sergeant as part of the “NCO Tier,” yet the Technical Sergeant’s chevrons has two rockers—the same number as found on the chevrons of the highest enlisted position in the Air Force, the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.
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We offer two styles of embroidered chevrons from which you can select using the drop-down box to the right. The “Dress Blue” style is worn a host of Air Fore dress uniforms, from Mess Dress and Service Dress to Maternity Jumpers and organization uniforms such as the Chef’s coat and Ceremonial Band Tunic, to name just a few. They’re also worn on the Lightweight Blue Jacket and are an optional wear component of the Topcoat and All-Weather Coat. The “ABU” style chevrons, on the other hand, are worn only on the Airman Battle Uniform, but only until 31 March 2021; the mandatory possession date for the OCP utility uniform, which the Air Force officially mandated for service-wide wear in May 2018, is 1 April 2021. Click here if you need chevrons for the OCP utility uniform.

You will also need to use the drop-down selector to choose from Large and Small sizes. Generally speaking, the Large (4”) chevrons are worn on the jackets of Men’s uniforms, but be aware that regulations allow female Airmen to wear ether the Large or Small (3.5”) on several uniforms.  Also note that both men and women wear the Large chevron on the Chef’s coat and Ceremonial Band tunic; similarly, both men and women wear the Small chevrons on shirts and blouses.

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