Although the name of this occupational badge is Manpower and Personnel, the enlisted Airmen who wear it serve in four Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC) found in the Mission Support Career Field (3S), one of eight career categories found in the Support Career Group.

While the titles of two of the AFSCs, Equal Opportunity (3S1X1) and Education and Training (3S2X1), are fairly self-explanatory in terms of overall job objectives, the number and variety of duties they comprise is quite extensive. EO specialists employ a broad array of information-gathering techniques, including interviews, surveys, and focus groups, to gain a clear picture on how effectively equal opportunity practices are being implemented and make recommendations on areas where improvements can be made. As always, the objective is ensuring mission effectiveness by eliminating conditions that may detract from an Airmen’s duty focus or have a negative impact on morale.

Education and Training (E&T) Specialists have A-to-Z control over career advancement programs, including analyzing and revising the Career Field Education and Training Plans (CFETPs) provided for each Air Force Specialty. Working with Personnel Officers, they develop, evaluate, administer, and monitor E&T programs, maintaining records related to program efficacy in terms of enrollment, attendance, completion and droput rates, and cost-benefit parameters.

The bailiwick of Personnel specialists encompasses all the duties and responsibilities associated with what are now called Human Resource departments in the civilian sector. They interact with enlisted Airmen to respond to personnel action request, maintain personnel documents and records, provide advice on career advancement, deliver information on available benefits, and manage programs aimed at helping the Air Force retain men and women whose track records indicate they’ll be valuable contributors to force readiness and mission success.

Lastly, Manpower specialists are tasked with improving the structural organization of the service to maximize the use of available manpower, calculate goals for recruiting and retention, make adjustments to the organizational alignment of specialties.

The Technical School for Specialties in the Mission Support Career Field is located at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. The basic Manpower and Personnel badge is awarded to Airmen who complete their initial training there, and are awarded the Senior-level badge upon reaching the 7-skill level and the rank of Staff Sergeant.

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