The Logistics Plan occupational badge is awarded to Airmen in Air Force Specialty Code 2G0X1 Logistics Plans. According to the 1997 edition of Air Force Instruction 36-2923, Aeronautical, Duty, and Occupational Badges, the badge was previously known simply as “Logistics,” and was also awarded to officers in specialty code 25, Logistics Plans and Programs. (The current specialty code for officers in Logistics is 21RX, Logistics Readiness.)

To address the exigencies posed by the Global War on Terror, a rapidly shifting geopolitical landscape, and inescapable budgetary limitations, the U.S. military has developed the concept of expeditionary combat, succinctly described by military analyst William L. Dowdy as a “light, lean, and lethal” approach to modern military warfare. Logistics Plans activities are based upon principles developed for the support of expeditionary combat, such as preparing the battle space (prepositioning), readying, positioning, sustaining, and recovering force assets.

To this end, Logistics Plans specialists are involved extensively in the planning of contingency operations, with a special emphasis on collecting, assembling, and delivering logistics data for input into plans and models. They’re responsible for the formulation, development, evaluations, and oversight of logistics plans related to War Readiness Materiel (WRM), base and expeditionary site selection processes, and deployment/redeployment of forces. During operations, they perform command and control functions tied to logistics and work with commanders and leader to maximize combat support integration.

Candidates for the Logistics Plan specialty must successfully pass a National Agency Check, Local Check and Credit (NACLC) before beginning the four-week Logistics Plans Apprentice Course held at Lackland Air Force Base (this follows completion of Basic Training and Airmen’s Week).

Although the training of Logistics Plans specialists is heavily tied to the concepts of expeditionary combat, the same principles are applicable to much of the logistics problems faced by today’s global enterprises. Airmen who wish to continue their careers in civilian life will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the employment category of logistician had a median annual wage of over $74,000 as of May, 2015.

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