In the 75-plus years since its inception, the United States Air Force Band has grown from a mere handful of musicians—its first ensemble consisted of just four members—to one of the world’s most highly acclaimed musical organizations, recognized internationally for its expansive repertoire and its expertise across a spectrum of musical styles.

The original Air Force Band actually predates the creation USAF itself. Although an order issued by the War Department on September 24, 1942 assigned nearly 60 bands to the U.S. Army Air Corps, the Bolling Army Air Forces Band, sponsored by Bolling Field Air Base Group commander Lieutenant L. P. Holcomb, is the direct progenitor of today’s United States Air Force Band—the service’s premier musical organization which was given its current title with the establishment of the U.S. Air Force in 1947.

Based at Joint Base Anacosta-Bolling in Washington, D.C. the 179-member band comprises six ensembles covering a broad range of musical genres, from the classical stylings of the Concert Band and the choral arrangements of the Singing Sergeants to the jazzy Airmen of Note and the rock and country songs delivered by Max Impact.

In addition to this premier organization, the Air Force has ten regional bands, five Air National Guard bands, and the U.S. Central Forces band, all with highly proficient musicians capable of performing a breathtaking variety of musical styles. Regardless of the type of music being played, however, the goals of the various Air Force bands are the same: Boost morale among Airmen, honor the nation they protect, inspire patriotism of the citizens whom the Air Force serves, convey the messages of freedom and liberty through the international language of music, and support recruiting efforts necessary in today’s all-volunteer military.

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