The areas of expertise and knowledge represented by the USAF Specialty Codes that fall under the Acquisition and Financial Management occupational badge make it one of the most diverse of all the Career categories in the United States Air Force.

A dozen officer specialties from five Career (Utilization) Fields are found in this category. A third of them are drawn from the Scientific Utilization (61) field, with four specialties covering disciplines such as these including Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Operations Research, Behavioral Science, and Human Factors Science. Two Developmental Engineering specialties (62EX Developmental Engineer and 62S0 Materiel Leader) are included in this category, along with three Acquisition (63) Utilization specialties: Acquisition Manager, Senior Materiel Leader, and Materiel Leader. Contracting (64PX), Financial Management (65FX), and Cost Analysis (65WX) round out the remaining officer codes.

Two enlisted AFSCs, 6C0X1 Contracting and 6F0X1 Financial Management & Comptroller, represented by the Acquisition and Financial Management badge. As the title rightly implies, Contracting comprises the purchase of goods—be they supplies or services, including construction—through negotiation, publication of advertisements requesting bids, or a combination of the two. Contracting specialists also follow up on and evaluate contracting activities to ensure quality of work or goods has not been sacrificed as a way of delivering a low bid.

Financial Management and Comptroller specialists perform fiduciary duties involving public funds. They oversee the receipt, distribution, and accounting of these monies, tracking appropriations and related expenses and keeping tabs on working capital. By collecting and analyzing data related to all aspects of USAF expenditures—personnel and their training costs, supplies, aircraft, equipment, maintenance, facilities, programs, etc.—they are able to make financial projections regarding costs and how they will be affected by contingency operations or even declarations of hostilities.

The basic Acquisition and Financial Management badge is awarded to enlisted Airmen upon graduation of technical school; officers receive the basic badge when they complete their Initial Qualification Training. Senior- and Master-level badges are awarded based upon time in service and the achievement of career milestones. You can read the criteria for the awarding for Senior- and Master-level badges in Chapter Ten, “Badges and Specialty Insignia,” in AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel.

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