Civilians in the United States Public Health Service who have been assigned to one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Quarantine Stations wear specialized insignia reflecting their duty status.

Like other hard shoulder boards worn by USPHS Commissioned Corps Officers, Quarantine Station or Quarantine Flag hard shoulder boards come in Large and Small sizes, which are designated male and female respectively in Commissioned Corps Instruction CC431.01; Small boards are approximately 1/2-inch shorter than the large. (Note: We carry the old-style female hard shoulder boards which require a shoulder-board adapter to be worn on jackets and coats with shoulder loops.)

In addition to the Quarantine Flag insignia which is worn on the shoulder boards Cin lieu of the ommissioned Corps device, these hard shoulder boards come with between one and four stripes with maroon broadcloth between them (a single gold stripe does have a maroon stripe above it). According to CDC uniform guidelines, shoulder boards indicate General Schedule level (pay scale for civilian government employees) and approximate rank equivalency:

No. of StripesNavy Rank USPHS EquivalentGS Level
1Ensign (O-1)Junior Assistant (O-1)9
2Lieutenant (O-3)Senior Assistant (O-3)11
3Commander (O-5)Senior (O-5)12
4Captain (O-6)Director (O-6)13



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