Whether on the Aviation Working Green (AWG) Uniform (discontinued as of 2011) or the Service Dress Blue, a Navy Vice-Admiral’s pay grade of O-9 is reflected in the designs of it sleeve rank insignia. It comprises a single 2-inch-wide stripe of black lacing and a pair of half-inch black stripes; the latter denote the fact that the Vice Admiral is two grades above Rear Admiral (lower half), which is represented by the single large stripe. This set comes with a pair of 2.5-foot rolls of half-inch lacing and a single roll of the same length that is two inches in width. The largest stripe is sewn onto the sleeve so that the stripe’s bottom is two inches from the cuff; a quarter-inch of space is reserved in between stripes regardless of their width.

The Vice Admiral rank insignia also consists of a Line or Staff Corps device, but Staff Corps officers do not display their rank or Corps affiliation with sleeve stripes or devices; they wear these as collar insignia, with the rank on the wearer’s right collar and Corps insignia on the left. Officers of the Line wear a single black, five-pointed star (trimmed in the same Forestry Green fabric as the AWG) placed a quarter-inch above the top stripe, centered between the rear and front creases of the sleeve with a single ray pointing down. Click here to select the Line Officer star device for the AWG uniform.

While the Navy bid farewell to the AWG Uniform when it replaced it completely with the Navy Working Uniform, we here at The Salute Uniform were obviously not quite ready to say goodbye. If your old Aviation Working Green has reached a point where its age is showing (and not in a dignified way) or if it seems to have mysteriously shrunk a size or three while hanging in your closet, we encourage you to visit our pages dedicated to the AWG for Officers and for CPOs.

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