While there are some jobs in the Hospital Corpsman (HM) rating that do not have direct analogs in the civilian marketplace—there likely isn’t much of a demand for Medical Deep Sea Diving Technicians, for instance—a great many of them match up perfectly with employment opportunities in the burgeoning U.S. health-care marketplace.

Nuclear medicine, hemodialysis, dentistry (basic and maxillofacial), cardiovascular, biomedical, X-rays, histopathology, occupational and physical therapy, pharmacy—these are just a few of the fields that are available to HMs for advanced study that can lead to certifications that are applicable both for advancement in the U.S. Navy and for earning accreditation in the civilian sector.

And for Hospital Corpsman nearing the end of their Naval career, the prospects for finding employment in the civilian sector look to be increasing as more Americans become part of the health-care system because of the Affordable Care Act’s individual insurance mandate. Spending on Health Care increased by almost $85 billion between 2014 and 2015, nearly $39 billion more than the increase in the next-closest economic sector (recreational goods and vehicles) that saw growth during that time period.

But financial rewards usually take back seat in the decision-making process of Sailors who choose—and qualify for—a career in the HM rating. As it is stated on the Rating Information Card for Hospital Corpsman, “A sincere interest in providing general health care is extremely important for this rating. People in the HM rating must relate well to other people and work well as a part of a team.”

For Sailors who possess those qualities, the HM rating gives them the opportunity to serve their fellow Sailors, their families, and their country by providing health care services that not only treat illnesses and injuries, but often help prevent them from happening in the first place.

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