For Operations Specialists who have chosen the U.S. Navy as a career, selection for the CWO or LDO program is one of the highest honors they can receive. In addition to having spent many years working their way up from Seaman Apprentice to Petty Officer Third Class and eventually to CPO, they typically have gone out of their way to acquire as many NECs related to their career field as well as NECs associated with other source ratings for Surface Operations Technician.

When making CWO selections, the United States Navy must always perform something of a balancing act because many of the same CPOs are also prime candidates for Limited Duty Officer (LDO) selections. Over the past few years, the CWO and LDO programs have received roughly the same number of selections—but only in the active-duty category.

In naming the selections for CWO Surface Operations Technician (712x) and the LDO category of Surface Operations for Fiscal Year 2017, for instance, 14 Sailors were chosen as potential CWO2s as compared to 13 slotted for commissioning as Ensigns. For the previous Fiscal Year, the number of active-duty selections was against almost identical, with 15 Sailors chosen from the source ratings for CWO designator 712x—two of them bypassing CWO2 and being chosen for CWO3—compared with a dozen future Ensigns. And in the choices for Fiscal Year 2015, two dozen Sailors were split evenly between selection for CWO commissioning and promotion on a temporary basis to Ensign as an LDO.

For the Reserve, however, the need for Sailors to fill the same CWO and LDO designators was obviously not nearly as great. Over that same three-year period, no selections were made for LDO Reservists, and just four—two announced in 2015 and two named in 2014—were made CWO Reservists.

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