While on sea tour, an Air Traffic Controller (AC) in the U.S. Navy will billet on either an aircraft carrier (CVN), amphibious assault ship (LHD/LHA) or with a Tactical Air Control Squadron (TACRON).

Though first established sixty years ago, very few people not involved with amphibious warfare and operations are familiar with the concept of a TACRON. In a nutshell, the mission of a TACRON involves every possible aspect of amphibious air operations, including (but not limited to) ship-to-shore airborne troop movement, close air support, air defense, airborne medical evacuations, and coordination of operations in a particular airspace or objective area.

Indeed, controlling and managing airspace is a key factor in the success of any TACRON operation, and that task is under the purview of an AC serving as a Tactical Air Control Center Watch Officer (TACCWO). Operating from either a LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) or LHA (Landing Helicopter Assault) amphibious assault ship, the TACCWO coordinates and directs the assaults of Expeditionary Strike Groups or Amphibious Readiness Groups (ESG/ARG) by assembling and distributing both operational and air-combat information to the appropriate stations.

Designation as a TACCWO requires an endorsement by the Commander of Tactical Group One.

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