Over the decades, technological advances have complemented the mission of Aerographer's Mates by broadening their capabilities. Radar provided visual imagery not only of storms, but the ships that might be impacted by them; satellite data offered critical temperature and wind-speed information for locations that might as well have been on the moon just twenty years earlier.
For AGs, any technology that improves their ability to derive better battle-space awareness through enhanced collection or interpretation of atmospheric and hydrographic data is simply a new tool in their kit.

In recent years, AG’s have become the Navy’s de facto expert in the use of underwater unmanned vehicles, or UUVs. UUVs fell under the AG’s bailiwick because of their use in hydrography—the mapping, measurement, and description of surface waters—and bottom mapping of ocean floors. But UUVs also have great potential in mine-warfare operations. The computer-controlled REMUS (Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS) successfully detected mines during Operation Iraqi Freedom, searching an area of nearly a square mile and removing the mines in 16 hours—a task that would have taken divers three weeks to complete.

As technology zooms forward, the capabilities of Aerographer’s Mates and their role in modern naval warfare can only expand.

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