Our White Combination Cap for Senior Chief Petty Officers (E-8) ships ready to wear, with all associated insignia specified in Article 4311.4(a) of the Navy Uniform regulations already mounted. These include the black chin strap; the gold retaining buttons, or cap screws, that hold the strap and black mounting band in place; and the Senior CPO insignia with its single star placed atop the CPO fouled anchor with one ray pointing down.

But if you look carefully to the right to our "Cap Device" selector, you'll see that we've gone a step further by offering you your choice of either the standard metal pin-on CPO cap device, or a version made of gold and silver bullion, expertly sewn directly onto the mounting band. [Note: the embroidered version is not authorized in the Navy's Uniform Regulations and is sold as a keepsake and collector's item.]

To be considered for promotion to E-8, Sailors must have received a permanent appointment as CPOs, have spent at least four years in the E-7 grade, and logged a total of ten years of service. Candidates took examinations on August 5 of that same year, with the results being announced on October 25: 914 were selected to become the Navy’s first Senior Chief Petty Officers and 146 being tapped for the service’s highest enlisted rank of Master Chief Petty officer.

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