Note that this Rear Admiral (lower half) lacing set for sleeve insignia is designed for the Aviation Working Green Uniform, which had a wear-out date of 1 January 2011. We continue to manufacture and sell this uniform and items associated with it to meet the demand from Navy veterans, as well as provide a source for organizations seeking Berry Amendment-compliant AWGs made with Mil-Spec materials authentic.

The sleeve rank insignia for an O-7 Officer in the Navy—a pair of 2-inch-wide stripes, one encircling each sleeve—is far more elegant in its simplicity than the official designation of the wearer: Rear Admiral, (lower half). The parenthetical came about because the Navy used the title Rear Admiral for Flag Officers in both the O-7 and O-8 pay grades until members of other branches of the Armed Forces became upset that officers in lower grades were given what they considered to be misleading designations. The Congressional response was to assign the designation “Commodore” to O-7 Navy Officers, which in turn infuriated Navy personnel because that title had been used for retired Captains (O-6) for several decades. In 1986, the Navy solved the problem by establishing “lower” and “upper” Rear Admirals for O-7 and O-8 Flag Officers, respectively.

All Line officers in the United States Navy wear a five-pointed star as a sleeve device above their rank insignia. You can pick up a pair by clicking this link and using the drop-down box to choose "Green (for Aviation Green Jacket). Staff Officers, on the other hand, wearing the AWG use collar devices to display rank and Corps affiliation, so their uniforms had no service stripes.

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