This khaki-colored cover fits the Female Combination Cover worn by female Officers, CPOs, and Enlisted Navy personnel for decades. Use the drop-down selector to the right to choose between khaki-colored Certified Navy Twill or a rain-resistant vinyl.
Prior to the Navy’s extensive overhaul of its uniform system in 2008, the khaki version of the female combination cap was worn by female Officers and Chief Petty Officers with the Service, Working, and Tropical Khaki uniforms, with none of the uniforms for female Sailors in the E1 – E6 rates calling for a khaki cover (but several requiring white).

With the revamping of its uniform lineup, the Working and Tropical Khaki uniforms were eliminated (among others), largely replaced by the Service Uniform. For female Officers and CPOs, the khaki female combination cover was now worn only with the Service Khaki uniform;  the overhaul had no effect on enlisted females as the khaki combination cap was not found in any enlisted uniform requirements, with E1 – E6 wearing the black garrison cap as headgear with the Service Uniform.

In October 2015, the Navy announced that the khaki and white versions of the iconic “bucket cover” would soon be banished from both Officer and Enlisted wardrobes, with female Officers and CPOs wearing either the male version of the combination cap or a newly designed cap called the Alternate Combination Cover beginning in October 2016 (that date was moved back to 31 October 2018). The ruling also eliminated the white combination caps worn by Enlisted female Sailors, replacing them with the same Dixie Cup caps worn by their male counterparts, but the wear-out date for white bucket covers was pushed back to 31 December 2019.

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