First approved for wear in February 2014, the Navy Expeditionary Supply Corps Officer (NESCO) insignia features an oak leaf, symbol of the Supply Corps, superimposed over an M161A1 rifle atop a sword amid ocean swells, surmounted with the inscription “Expeditionary” in capital letters. Eligible only for officers with designators of 310X, 651X, or 751X, the new insignia was created for Supply Corps officers who are assigned permanently to an authorized billet with either Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) or Naval Special Warfare (NSW) units.

Once Supply Corps officers have received permanent assignments to qualifying billets, they have a maximum of eighteen months in which to complete the qualification process (commanding officers can grant an extension of up to six months in special cases, however). In order to earn the NESCO designation, candidates must complete the Personnel Qualification Standards and Job Qualification Requirements outlined in NAVEDTRA 43911-1 and Appendix H of COMNECCINST 4400.1B.

Additionally, NESCO qualification mandates that candidates successfully complete an oral review board examination and display knowledge of combat skills through a hands-on demonstration. Although officers who have earned NESCO qualification do not need to requalify if they are transferred to a new command, the commanding officer of the new billet may ask them to requalify (or demonstrate knowledge via a formal presentation) in a particular watch station.

As of September, 2016, the Naval Expeditionary Logistics, Support Group, or NAVELSG, has the largest number of officers who are eligible for the NESCO qualification. (This includes active and Reserve personnel).

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