An optional wear item for Female Officers, Chief Petty Officers (CPOs), and Junior Enlisted Sailors, the Formal Blue Skirt is a floor-length, six-gored skirt made of Navy-authorized fabric with optional slits no higher than mid-calf on either side. It is authorized for wear by Officers and CPOs with the Formal Dress, Dinner Dress Blue/White Jacket, and Dinner Dress Blue Uniforms; Junior Enlisted Sailors may wear with the Dinner Dress Blue/White Jacket Uniforms.

When wearing the Formal Blue Skirt, flesh-tone hosiery must also be worn, and the skirt must be     worn with the side zipper on the left. The skirt is not authorized for wear aboard ship, but it may be stored aboard ship and worn when immediately departing or returning to it.

The Formal Blue Skirt is also authorized for wear by United States Coast Guard female personnel with the Formal Dress Blue and Dinner Dress Blue/White Jacket Uniforms. Coast Guard Uniform Regulations require the skirt to have a 2- to 3-inch hem that is parallel to and no more than 1.5 inches off the floor. While the skirt is not normally worn aboard military ships, cutters, boats, or aircraft, they may be authorized for special occasions when safety is not a concern or when its wear would not violate rules of decorum or cause embarrassment to the wearer. Black pumps and hosiery are mandatory when the Formal Blue Skirt is worn.

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