With three dozen specializations, the Hospital Corps-man (HM) rating offers some of the most diverse job opportunities in today’s Navy because of the service’s far-flung reach and varied working environments. For instance, the treatment needed by servicemen found during Search and Rescue missions, the equipment available to deliver the treatment, and the environment where treatment is rendered is radically different than what would be seen in dealing with shipboard injuries or illness. Consequently, HMs serving as Search and Rescue Technicians are trained in both aircrew and emergency care duties and have qualifications in areas such as Triage and aero-medical evacuation techniques obviously not required in a job such as Medical Laboratory Technician or Respiratory Therapy Technician.

Regardless of their specialization, however, all HMs receive a thorough education and rigorous training in the Basic Medical Technician Corpsman (BMTC) Program held at the Medical Education and Training Campus at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. By the time future Corpsmen have completed the program, they will have acquired the skills to serve as entry-level medical technicians capable of performing their duties in both fixed and non-fixed facilities to deliver quality care ranging from emergency treatments to primary care and nursing.

During the 560 hours of training future Corpsmen receive during BMTC training, they will learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, cardiac life support, first air procedures, sanitation standards and procedures, assessment of vital signs, wound care management, infection control, and other associated healthcare disciplines. Corpsmen who show proficiency in a particular specialty may be selected by the program director for advancement in a field with clinical applications.

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