Where there are men, there are invariably men behaving badly—and Sailors are no exception. And while the job title of a Master-at-Arms serving as a Corrections Specialist implies they deal only with Sailors who have been found guilty of a violation of the United States Code of Military Justice, their job duties cast them in a multifaceted role that has no equivalent in the non-military justice system. For MAs serving as Corrections Specialist, they must act as policemen, detectives, marshals, forensic scientists, bailiffs, jailers, wardens, prison guards, and counselors, all rolled into one.

The specific tasks a Corrections Specialist must carry out will naturally vary from case to case, but they include functions that are typically spread out among several people in the civilian criminal justice system. Corrections Specialists are responsible for launching preliminary investigations, conducting interviews with all involved parties (victims, suspects, and witnesses), preserving crime scenes, processing evidence, pursuing and apprehending suspects, applying restraint devices if necessary, detaining personnel and advising them of their rights, and testifying at official proceedings.

Of course, suspects are held in detention facilities, and those found guilty will soon call a more permanent version of those quarters home for some time to come. In both cases, Corrections Specialists are responsible for maintaining the security, supervision, control, and the health and well-being of prisoners and detainees. Corrections Specialists who manage prisoner and detainee units oversee inspections, shakedowns, detainee movements, and the training of other MAs in riot control technique and other methods to ensure security. Additionally, Correctional Specialists must be certified as Correctional Counselors, who conduct counseling sessions designed to assist prisoners cope with the consequences of their actions and hopefully make the most out of the time spent in confinement.

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