The Aviation Working Green (AWG) was much beloved by Officers and CPOs (there was no version for E-6 Sailors and below), no doubt in part because its “working” status meant there typically was no need to wear a ribbon rack. Although the Navy officially discontinued the wear of the Aviation Working Green (AWG) Uniform in 2011, we continue to carry it and various accessories and accouterments designed for because of significant demand from retired Navy personnel seeking authentic replacements that are Berry Amendment-compliant and manufactured with Mil-Spec materials. Others who might be interested in this classic working uniform include motion-picture and TV production companies seeking authentic AWG uniforms to ensure historical accuracy in their presentations. You can find both the Officer's and Chief Petty Officer's versions on our Navy Uniform page.

Our lacing set for a Navy Captain’s Aviation Working Green Uniform has four, 2.5-foot rolls of half-inch black lacing, with each roll containing more than enough material to make a circular stripe on each sleeve. The bottom stripe is positioned so its bottom is two inches from the end of the sleeve, and there should be a quarter-inch of space between stripes.

Captains serving as Line Officers (Unrestricted and Restricted) wear a black, five-pointed star one-quarter of an inch above the uppermost stripe, centered between the front and rear creases of the jacket. Head over to our Navy Sleeve Devices page and select “Line Officer’s Sleeve Device” to add a pair to your shopping cart. (Note: Staff Corps Officers wearing the AWG used collar devices for rank and Corps insignia.)

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