Worn only with the now-unauthorized Aviation Working Green (AWG) uniform, this Forestry Green Combination Cap is manufactured with the same 55/45 polyester-wool blend the Marine Corps uses for its green Service Dress caps. Flag Officer rank (Rear Admirals, Vice Admiral, Admiral) is denoted by the two arcs of oak leaves and acorns embroidered in brilliant gold bullion on the left and right sides of the visor. Like all Navy Officer / CWO caps, the chin strap is made of synthetic gold that accentuates the golden cap screws that hold it in place. The Navy Officer cap device is mounted on a removable elastic band.

The Aviation Working Green uniform was first officially authorized in September 1917 as the Winter Uniform for Naval Aviators. In 1922, the Navy removed the uniform from the Aviators’ wardrobes, but reversed the move a couple of years later. The wear of both the AWG and the Khaki uniform, which was the Summer Uniform for Naval Aviators, began to expand, and in 1931 with the Navy approved Khaki as the official uniform for submariners. Eventually, wear of the AWG was adopted by the United States Coast Guard.

Many Officers and CPOs were disappointed at the Navy’s decision to again remove the AWG from its uniform roster in 2010, but any hopes that the decision might be reversed are beginning to fade. Thankfully, fans of this class uniform can find it and accessories here at The Salute Uniforms. If you’re picking up this AWG Combination Cap today, you might want to check out some of our pages devoted to the AWG or its components:

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