This is the Women’s Service Dress White (SDW) coat that was announced by the Navy in 2015 and which became a mandatory uniform item for female Navy Officers and Chief Petty Officers as of 31 January 2020. Although it has not been officially adapted by either the United States Coast Guard (USCG) or the USCG Auxiliary, we are offering it for sale here in anticipation of its eventual authorization. customers wishing to purchase the currently approved Women’s Service Dress White Coat as listed in the USCG Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1G) should click here.

The new Navy Women’s SDW is modeled closely after the Men’s coat, with a choker-style standing (Mandarin) collar and six large buttons; our Auxiliary version differs from it only in the use of six silver buttons embossed with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary emblem rather than gold or silver U.S. Navy buttons. Other features include two princess seams in front and a fully lined interior.

Note: Our dress coats and jackets are manufactured and ship with unfinished sleeves longer than most customers would ever need. This is to accommodate various arm lengths and provide ample material with which to work during the alteration process, as well as to ensure proper placement of any sewn-on sleeve ornamentation (if applicable) based upon distance from the hemmed sleeve end.

Should you prefer to have the coat arrive ready to wear, we offer a variety of sleeve alteration services, including sewing on of shoulder loops which are used to secured Officers’ hard shoulder boards, that will be suggested when you add the coat to your shopping cart.

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