Authorized for wear with the Army Service Uniform, the ceremonial belt for Transportation Corps officers is made in the branch colors of Brick Red and Golden Yellow, bordered top and bottom by gold braid. The ceremonial belt is an optional uniform item, but it should be considered a “must have” by officers in the Transportation Corps who take their career seriously and wish to convey that sentiment to their peers as well as the Soldiers under their command.
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Until 2008, this was the ceremonial belt worn by all commissioned officers (O-6 and below) and Warrant Officers (all grades). But in 2008, the Army established Logistics as a basic branch to be populated by officers from three existing branches—Ordnance, Quartermaster, and Transportation—ranked Captain and above who have graduated from an approved Logistics course. So any Transportation Corps officer from O-4 to O-6 who has completed the approved course would wear a ceremonial belt featuring the Logistics branch color, Soldier Red, along with the insignia of the Logistics branch.

Complicating the issue is the fact that at the same time the Army created the Logistics branch, it also created the Logistics Corps and the Logistics Officer Corps. Think of the Logistics Corps as the top-level organizational umbrella: it all commissioned officers, warrant officers, and enlisted Soldiers in the three long-established functional logistics branches—Quartermaster, Ordnance, and Transportation—as well as the new Logistics branch (Logistics officers only). The Logistics Officer Corps, on the other hand, includes all officers, commissioned and warrant, within the Logistics Corps—but Warrant Officers are to simultaneously remain in one of the three historical branches.

So what ceremonial belt would, say, a Mobility Officer (CW3) in the Transportation Corps wear: Transportation or Logistics? After all, they are members of both the Logistics Officers Corps and the Transportation Corps.

The answer is seen by considering what the belt symbolizes. Since the belt is made to display branch colors, and the Logistics branch consists only of officers O-4 to O-6 who have graduated from specific Logistics Career courses, Transportation Corps Warrant Officers (or CWOs) would continue to wear the Transportation branch belt because they haven't fulfilled the Logistics branch requirements—even though they are considered Logistics Corps officers.

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