Per U.S. Army regulations (DA 670-1), our Army nameplates are black, laminated plastic measuring 1 inch by 3 inches and are 1/16-inch thick with a white beveled border. Indented, white block lettering is used to display the wearer’s last name, and beginning in 2022 hyphens and accent marks (diacritics) are allowed to ensure the wearer’s name is correctly pronounced.

While we are aware that regulations call for nameplates to display only the wearer’s last name, we also understand that, for a variety of reasons, some customers want nameplates that display their first names or nicknames. Therefore, in the field labeled “Last Name” to the right, enter the name exactly as you wish for it to be displayed on the nameplate, including any hyphens, accents, lower-case letters, and so forth.

  • If the “Last Name” field is left empty, we will use the last name associated with the customer account or billing information (for Guest accounts).
  • If you used lower-case letters in the “Last Name” field, please use the “Comments” field displayed during checkout to confirm that you do in fact want to use them on the nameplate.

Guidance on how to wear nameplates on the Army Service/Dress Uniform Coat and Shirt and a variety of other Army garments, including the Garrison Culinary Smock and Black Pullover Sweater, can be found in DA 670-1, sections 21–25(c)2(a) and (b).

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