Our hatband for the male General Officer Service Cap features the arcs of golden oak leaves specified in DA 670-1. Choose from oak leaves that are finely embroidered from synthetic metallic golden-colored yarn or that have been crafted from lustrously brilliant gold bullion.
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The Army Service Cap has several design features that allow you to discern the rank classification of the wearer at just a glance. One of the most noticeable is the use of golden arcs of oak leaves, which are found only on the Service Caps worn by Field-Grade or General Officers. Field-Grade Officers wear caps with a pair of oak-leaf arcs on the visor, while the caps worn by General Officers also feature arcs of leaves on the left and right sides of the hat band.

According to The Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms by retired Lieutenant Colonel William K. Emerson, the use of oak leaves as an element of the service cap began in the 1930s when “Officers wore blue caps with their dress and full dress uniforms.” It was only after World War II that “Generals adorned the sides of the cap with oak leaves, while company- and field-grade officers had branch-colored stripes trimmed with gold.”

Emerson’s assessment appears to be quite accurate. Search for images of even the highest-ranked Army Generals from World War II, and you’ll find plenty of Garrison Caps—and the few Service Caps you do see are bereft of oak leaves on either the visor or the hatband.

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