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Shoulder straps for officers in the Inspector General’s Corps have a Dark Blue background (cable number 65012) with an interior border of Light Blue (65014). The branch colors established by 1921 Army regulations were Dark Blue and White, but in 1936 the IG Corps exchanged colors with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Dark Blue is also the first-named color of the Adjutant General’s Corps (secondary color is Scarlet), and is the sole color of the National Guard Bureau.

The Inspector General of the Army is one of seven legislatively specified components of the Office of the Secretary of the Army. For more than thirty years, TIG has worked under the direction of both the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff. It carries out the mission of investigating and reporting on the “discipline, efficiency, and economy of the Army” through the U.S. Army Inspector General Agency (USAIGA), which is a field operating agency of the Office of the Inspector General. The USAIGA comprises six primary divisions, each headed by a Colonel.

Inquiries and investigations into assertions of misconduct of non-senior Army officials (in the grades of Colonel / GM and below) made by Soldiers, veterans, family members, Department of the Army civilian employees, or others who deal with the Army are handled by the Assistance Division.

The Investigations Division, on the other hand, deals with allegations made against Active and Reserve Component general officers and other ranks as well as SES Civilians, while the Inspections Division handles matters affecting mission performance and the discipline, economy, efficiency, morale, readiness, and training across all areas of the Army.

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The Intelligence Oversight Division conducts reviews of operations carried out under the authority of Executive order 12333 and regulated by DOD 5420 1-R and AR 380-381. The teaching, inspection, assessment, reporting, and follow-up of matters that affect the technical performance of the Army’s nuclear and chemical material systems falls under the purview of the Technical Inspections Division, and the Information Assurance Division performs regular compliance inspections of Information Assurance systems in all three components of the Army (Active, Reserve, National Guard).

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