This is a four star general uniform. It includes the coat, trousers, and the appropriate uniform accessories of a highly decorated general.

A four star general (or general) is the highest rank an army officer could reach in peace time. He commands an Army, specific command of the Army or could be the Chief of Staff or Vice Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff of the Army is a four-star General position.

This uniform does not include the shirt, shirt accessories, tie, hat, or shoes. It includes 17 ribbons, you can ask for specific ribbons if you wish too.

Also, it comes with the famous combat infantry badge, which means the wearer of the uniform was assigned to combat duties. The Master Parachutists badge, Basic Military Freefall badge, the army staff badge, on the right breast, is the coat of arms of the United States. The star is 3 inches in diameter for the Chief of Staff/former Chief of Staff and 2 inches in diameter for all others awarded the badge. Additionally, you will receive the full size 4 star rank insignias, U.S. collar devices and most importantly the uniform will be tailored for the rank of General.

IMPORTANT: although this uniform comes complete, its different items are not mounted. The picture shows a complete mounted uniform. Please scroll down to check the mounting services we offer.