Throughout the vast majority of the 19th century and for a goodly portion of the 20th, the number and variety of braided stripes the Army authorized for wear on different types of trousers was so expansive you would almost need a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. Thankfully, today’s dress uniform trousers and jackets sleeves use only one color and come in just a handful of different widths.

These 1 ½-inch gold braids, manufactured in certified Goldenlite, are worn on the sleeves of the male and female version of the Army Service Uniform (ASU) coat worn by General Officers and are positioned parallel to and three inches above the bottom of the sleeve. Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers at grades O-6 and below, on the other hand, have two smaller gold braids on their sleeves separated by their branch color.

It’s a configuration that’s reversed when the 1 ½-inch braids are used on the trousers of the male Army Service Uniform and male Blue Mess Dress uniforms. All officers below the grade of O-7, as well as all NCOs from Corporal through Command Sergeant Major, wear a single stripe consisting of this braid on trousers of their ASUs and the Blue Mess Dress uniforms; Generals, wear two, half-inch braids spaced ½-inch apart. The 1 ½-inch gold braids are not used on any female Army dress uniforms.

When making your purchase, be sure to make the appropriate selection. We offer a small, 30-inch strip for use on coat sleeves, a three-yard roll for use with pants, and an option to purchase the braid by the yard.

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